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A municipal corporation is the legal term for a urban local body, including cities, counties, towns, townships, charter townships, villages, and boroughs.

"Municipal Corporation" for a larger urban area with population exceeding fifty thousand and generating annual revenue exceeding rupees two cores for the local administration and which has been declared to be a municipal area under section 3 of the Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 (12 of 1994)

Obligatory Functions of MC Mandi are :

  • Supply of drinking water in the MC area.
  • Cleaning and removal of filth, rubbish and other obnoxious matters.
  • Laying and maintaining Public Streets.
  • Provision of public lighting.
  • Sewerage and drainage provision in MC area.
  • Naming and numbering of streets and premises.
  • Planting of trees on roadsides and elsewhere.
  • The laying out or maintenance of public parks, gardens or recreation grounds.
  • Health and welfare functions.
  • Regulation of trade through licensing.
  • Provision of municipal markets and slaughter-houses.
  • Maintenance of heritage monuments.
  • Record keeping and statistics.
  • Providing by itself or by an agency means of supply of water for fire-fighting.

Discretionary Functions of MC Mandi are :

  • Furtherance of education.
  • Establishment and maintenance of libraries, museums, zoological collections.
  • Survey of building and lands.
  • Providing music and entertainment in public places or public resorts.
  • Organization and management of fairs and exhibitions.
  • Acquisition of movable and immovable property for purpose mentioned before.
  • Construction of rest house, poor house, infirmaries, and children homes, house of deaf and dumb and disabled persons.
  • Construction and maintenance of cattle ponds.
  • Purchase, construction and maintenance of house for employees.
  • Establishment and maintenance of hospitals and dispensaries.
  • Provision of swimming pools, bathing place and other institutions for improvement of community health.
  • Construction/maintenance of warehouse and garages sheds and cattle biers.
  • Provision of housing accommodation for inhabitants.
  • Any measures to promote public safety, health sanitation.